Win Money from Affiliate Programs

The Best Affiliate Guide

Here you will find very valuable information for anyone who wants to become an affiliate! But first, imagine yourself after a year of promoting some brands… you will have a minimum of 1000 players recommended, at a 30% Revenue Share of the brands profit(let’s say a minimum of 10 € profit per player) you will earn 3 € per player, that means 3000 € minimum per month! And that’s a minimum! Or you can choose CPA Deals, where you can make even 600 € per player, but only once. That’s a lot of money! Anyway, this is the hard road in winning money, but in the end it’s worth it!

Step 1. Ideea for the Website:

Think of the topic of your affiliate website. First of all it’s best to start small, break it down into small niche. If you want to start a website about online betting, then a betting strategy website isn’t a small niche. But a website about betting on a specific sport… that’s a small niche.

Step 2 . Pick up a domain name:

For domain registration and hosting you can go to GoDaddy, this service is the best, they are offering special deals like 10% off or 15% off or for only 2.99$ and when it’s time to renew your domain it’s very easy. We are working with them and we are very satisfied…

So… check if the domain name that suits your website is available…


Tips for affiliate marketting

a)      Be original! Don’t steal content. Don’t just copy – paste reviews from other similar sites and claim it as your own. Search engines will recognize that content like stolen and you’ll be penalized…

b)      Make your own banners or use the newest banners from your affiliate program site.

c)      Read more and learn more! If you are reading this it means that you are following the steps… just continue that! You have to put time in finding out why some affiliates are successful, and others aren’t.

d)      Get in the best mindset. For a good website you have to create the best possible resource.

 Step 3. Creating your website content:

Use your imagination, get in the head of the visitor and try to visualize what they are looking for…

For example:  a sport-betting-site

For a easy admin of the website install wordpress on your hosting account created on

1)      Log in to your Account Manager.

2)      Click Web Hosting.

3)      Next to your hosting account you want to use, click Launch.

4)      From the Popular Apps menu, select WordPress.

5)      Click WordPress.

6)      Click Install Now!

7)      Select the domain name you want to use.

8)      Enter a database description and password and then click Next.

9)  Choose an unused installation directory, and then click Next. For example, if you want your WordPress website to display when someone goes to then blog is the installation directory.
If you want your WordPress website to display when someone goes directly to your domain name, remove any text from this field and leave it empty(recommended).

10)  Enter the Admin Name, Admin Password, Email and Blog Title for your WordPress installation.

11)  Click Finish


Step 4. Make a static page or a post where you can put some sports related widgets:

A list of cool widgets you can find right here:  just copy paste the iframes and you are ready to go! It’s very easy and very useful!

It’s important that viewers find what they need on your website, stuff like Live Streaming, Live Scores, Betting Tips, Sure Bets, etc…

Beside those widgets you can come up with 3-5 categories for articles, and then write some articles for the website, separated into categories. For example Sport News, Important up coming games, etc. That way google will index you better!


Step 5. Research tools for your content:

When you filled a list with the content that will suit your site you can add some online content research tools.

a)      First of all, the smartest thing you can do is to learn from your competition. Analyze the content on other similar websites and then start incorporating it all into your list of potential content(No Copy-Pasting!).

b)      Google AdWords can help you with your keywords for example how many people search “betting tips” …that will help you to know around what keyword to write your content! That is very important!

c)      Forums: you can find forums that cover the topic on your site, check for ideas in there…

d)     Make a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Profiles to promote your site, it’s the best way!


Step 6. Sign up with an Affiliate program:

To make money, you have to sign up with certain affiliate programs. Depending of your website content (betting), then you need to be looking for that niche of bookmakers and promote their on-line services…

Below it’s a list of the top affiliate program that you can sign up with. Depending on what you want to promote: We have a partnership with them and if you register through our banners, you will be accepted much faster, because they will know you had red our Guide.

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs

Win Money from Affiliate Programs


Step 7. Open an Skrill account – A Must Have!

The eWallet enables you to make payments securely, economically and instant. Without revealing personal financial data, clients and send and receive money transfers using just an e-mail address. Plus you can apply for the Skrill MasterCard and you will have access to your money anywhere!

Skrill VIP is perfect for Affiliates, you can transact over 6000€!

Win Money from Skrill

Last but not Least:

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