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Tips on how to win money from poker!



It may seem to be daunting for some people but playing poker actually is remarkably easy to play.  Most people win small amount among friends. Top players can win millions in casinos across the world, and anyone can play at BET365, POKERSTARS, WILLIAMHILL … etc

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Every poker-site offers a bonus on a players first deposit, you will receive a 250% up till an amazingly 2500€. For example, if you deposit 600€ you get a 1500€ bonus, that’s amazing your already won 900€ just by signing up.

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Now let’s start winning some money from poker: THE BASICS OF TEXAS HOLDEM

Before you start playing and winning money from poker you have to know the basics. There are more than just one variant of poker, some of them seem similar but they have different strategy and specific quirks. Texas Holdem is usually played using a standard 52 card deck with nine or ten players at a table with a rotating blind system.

So… there are two types of blinds, a small blind, the equivalent of a half of the amount of the big blind, and the big blind, that is equal to the minimum bet at the table where you are playing.
For example if the table minimum is 20%, then the big blind would be 20$ and the small blind would be 10$. Players who have to contribute these blinds rotates on position to the left after each hand.

After the blinds are placed, each player is dealt two down cards. Then each player starting with the player to the left of the big blind has an opportunity to call (he can place an amount of money equal to the previous players bet) the big blind, raise the bet, or fold. When the betting gets to the player in the small blind position, he or she can call the partial bet they initially placed, raise the bet, or fold.
The player in the big blind has the opportunity  to raise or check (decline the bet) if there are no raises as he/she already has a full bet in the pot. Any player who calls the big blind has the pot raised behind him/her then has the option to call the raise or re-raise the pot.



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  1. Begin by playing at low-stakes to familiarize with the online poker playing. This enables the novice to begin playing online with a smaller bankroll to eliminate the stress about losing sessions, and allow him to focus on his goal of becoming a successful online player!
  2. Start out by playing at a single table, learn to win money from poker consistently on one table. Then once you feel confident maneuvering a single table, you can begin adding one table at a time…
  3. About your hand, If you have a strong hand and you want to sandbag your opponent, make sure that the probability of a bet from your opponent is almost 90%.
  4. Decisions for the new poker player. Decide if you want to play poker to win or to play for fun. To win money from poker requires work, time and effort… Don’t expect to win every time you play, even the best poker players in the world have losing sessions… Your goal should be to play the best of your ability in every session.



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